Tropical Leaves

Producing Portfolio

With my experience as an actor and assistant director, I use the knowledge, skills and networks gained over the years when it comes to producing, making sure the project gets created to the best of it's ability.

Rachel Croft
"Reap What You Sow" Official Music Video

Client/Label: Kobalt

Year: 2021

Director: James Buck

Andrew Cushin ft. Noel Gallagher
"Where's My Family Gone" Official Music Video

Client/Label: EMI Records/Universal Music Group

Year: 2020

Director: Daniel Hepple

Recovapro online advert
"Gain The Edge"

Client: Recovapro 

Year: 2020

Director: James Buck

"Out Of Control" Official Music Video

Year: 2020

Director: James Buck

Rachel Croft
"We Are" Official Music Video

Client/Label: Kobalt

Year: 2020

Director: James Buck

"The Good Times" Short Film

Starring: Daniel Thrace, Adele Stevenson, Teresa Taylor, Matthew Wignall and Ilirian Bushi

Year: 2019

Director: James Buck

Cute Laces
"Summer Ed. Photoshoot" Making of

Client: Cute Laces

Year: 2018/19

"ICWE Launch Event" Documentary


Year: 2018