Daniel Guest 
  Director - 'Bringing Back GoldenEye'

"I first worked with Josie on my debut feature film, Bringing Back Golden Eye. She was an absolute pleasure to work with and gave me all the support I needed from a 1st AD, right from pre-production all the way until we wrapped. She would always make sure she is familiar and up to date with shot lists and schedules and stay in frequent communication between myself and the DoP. This really helped as she could then understand and appreciate just how long things took and what shots or aspects of the schedule could be moved around or changed when issues arose. I very quickly felt I could trust Josie to time manage the shoot which took a lot of pressure off myself so I could focus more on actors’ performance and creative discussions with crew. Josie is a great listener and was always quick to understand any questions or queries I had regarding cast, crew or logistics. She was also very good at communicating with all cast and crew, finding a great balance between assertive and polite. She always has a smile and positive attitude which not only kept me positive, but also I feel the rest of the cast and crew too. I very much look forward to working with Josie again on my next shoot!" 

Nicole Pott      
  Director/Producer - Sonder Pictures

"Josie is one of a kind. She is a calm, professional and lighthearted 1st assistant director, of whom I have had the pleasure to work with across several films, including features. She knows how to control a set and creates great relationships between all her crew, making her someone that really gets things done on time. I’d highly recommend her for any projects!"

Oliver Mitchell      Director/Writer - Relic Films

"Josie worked with us on our latest short film and took on the role of 1st AD. Safe to say the shoot would have been wildly problematic without her involvement. She quickly and enthusiastically adapted to our fast-paced shooting style and was able to keep everything on track and was a huge help to the production!"

Andrew Ball   
Director - 'Lavender'

"I have had the pleasure of working first hand (as Director) with Josie Connor as my 1st Assistant Director.  Josie whilst fulfilling the role demonstrates an essential presence, and voice.  Very organised and on top of her scheduling responsibilities through filming, added to this is her very pleasant mannered approach, Josie Connor ensures all is running smoothly on set, and if it isn't, is there to turn it up a notch and bring things right back around, a real valuable asset to any team."

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