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Workshops / Q&As

These workshops are designed for learning all of the responsibilities and how to complete a successful production in the life of someone in the Assistant Director department.

The workshops can be moulded for any level of students/early-professionals. For example, a good amount of workshops in universities will focus on working as a runner; how to best support the first, second & third AD and what to have/what to miss on a CV. 

To make sure your class will get the best out of the my visit, a meeting between myself and the tutor can be arranged prior to the day to discuss exactly what you would like me to cover and if there may be anything specific they are learning/about to learn in the course.

What is usually covered in a Q&A or Workshop;

  • 1st AD and Director relationship in pre-prod and while on set

  • Preparation; list of priorities

  • CV breakdown (things to keep/thing to lose) 

  • Cast breakdown

  • Crew communication and working relationships between each department

  • Understanding your AD team

  • Forward planning

  • Story days

  • Set procedure / behaviour

  • Not-so-obvious questions to ask during prep which could save you on set

  • Set safety

  • Knowing when to step in and step down

  • Shooting schedule

  • Movie Magic

  • Call Sheets

  • Directing Extras

  • Floor plans

  • Storyboards

  • Shot lists

Let’s Work Together

If you'd like to talk about a workshop (online or in person), please fill out the form below and I'll be in touch as soon as I can. Alternatively, feel free to call me on +447854394809.

Thanks for submitting!

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