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Josie Connor

1st Assistant Director & Creative Producer
BFI Network x BAFTA Crew member

​Originally from Anglesey, North Wales, Josie moved to Manchester in 2008 to study acting. 

Josie’s professional journey started in 2013, a year before graduating from drama school. Josie was offered work on 'Ghost Ship' (directed by Robert Young) as an assistant. She worked closely with Robert Young, who showed her the beginner ropes. 

After graduating in 2014, Josie continued to work as an actor while developing further knowledge in production, producing small projects (live and film) for drama groups and schools across the UK on a freelance basis. This experience led to Josie working in L.A. with Azusa Pacific University on one of their community projects which included 200+ students from local schools (ages 8 to 16), and again a year later to produce a short film (Lone Boy) with one of the schools.


In 2015, Josie was offered to work as Director’s Assistant and off set as Associate Producer on a new TV pilot ‘Back in 2 Mins’ (Starring Rob Norbury). Working with director Nick Turnbull helped gain a lot of networks in the industry. 

Later, Josie worked on feature film ‘Blank’ Directed by Natalie Kennedy (Starring Rachel Shelley, Heida Reed and Wayne Brady) as a 3rd Assistant Director. Here, Josie spoke to Director/Production Manager Nicole Pott, who not soon after offered Josie work as an Assistant Director on short films to gain experience, which led Josie to 1st Assistant Directing for independent shorts such as ‘Lavender’ (Dir. Andrew Ball-shaw), ‘Tight Grasp’ (Dir. Oliver Mitchell) and ‘A War Poem‘ starring Freddie Fox (Dir. Jordan Kelvin).


In 2019, Josie began working on the feature ‘Bringing Back GoldenEye’ (Directed by Daniel Guest) as 2nd Assistant Director. After the first block was wrapped, Josie was offered to step up to 1st Assistant Director for the rest of the production, making it her first feature film to work on as 1st AD.

Not long after BBGE wrapped, Josie stepped up to work primarily as a 1st AD. Between 2019 and 2021, as well as commercials, Josie has worked on a vast number of short films and music videos linked with companies such as BFI, BBC, ITV, 4oD, Virgin EMI Records and Sony.

At the end of 2021, Josie was offered to work as 1st AD on the additional photography for the StudioCanal production ‘The Railway Children Return’, Directed by Morgan Matthews


During these productions, Josie became a member of the BFI Network x BAFTA crew, where she continues to build networks to further her career.



— Nicole Pott, Director/Producer

"Josie is one of a kind. She is a calm, professional and lighthearted 1st assistant director, of whom I have had the pleasure to work with across several films, including features. She knows how to control a set and creates great relationships between all her crew, making her someone that really gets things done on time. I’d highly recommend her for any projects!"



If there's a project you'd like to talk about, please get in touch and i'll reply as soon as I can!

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When it comes to managing teams and/or an individual, building a good relationship respecting and understanding each members role is essential. I do not see myself as an authoritative figure who is there to simply tell people what they should be doing when managing, I see myself as part of the team, the guide which supports each member to help bring the project to fruition.


To generate any successful project/production/event, having a high degree of organisation is key. 

Whatever the idea, I (along with others, when/if necessary) will be able to confidently organise all the details of your project, by creating a successful pre-production, production and post-production plan and schedule.

My favourite scheduling software(s) I frequently use:​

  • Movie Magic Scheduling 6

  • Studio Binder

  • Microsoft Excel (Office)



Creating a production/project can be extremely stressful. Yes, my goal is to make everything run as smoothly as possible, but things can go wrong or you may want things to change.

If this occurs, I am well equipped to adapt to the situation and solve the problem.

Alternatively, If you have suddenly found yourself overloaded with the amount of work, or need to move things around, we will talk and I'll make sure to support and solve it.