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Josie Connor

1st Assistant Director & Production Management
BAFTA Crew 2020/21

About me



So far my career has taken me across the UK and overseas In France, America and Australia.
Over the years, I've been involved in a mixture of short and feature films, music video, theatre projects and TVC/Commercials.

My professional journey started in 2013. A year before graduating from drama school, I was offered work on “Ghost Ship” (directed by Robert Young) as an assistant. There, I quickly discovered my passion in the production world. My experience working on set was captivating, I wanted to learn all there was to know about film-making. During my time on set, I worked closely with director Robert Young, who I am very thankful for teaching me the beginner ropes.

After graduating, I worked as an actor while leading drama groups across the UK on a freelance basis. This experience led me to working in L.A. with Azusa Pacific University on their community project. My weeks there involved working with, creating an idea and directing my school group, while assisting other directors with their groups. For me, it was important to see each part of the project, as each group would then come together and perform as one big performance on the night. The ages of the students ranged from 10 to 16, with the biggest group being 250 students.


My next time on set was for a TV pilot 'Back In 2 Mins' written and directed by the brilliant Nick Turnbull. Nick appreciated my dedication and drive so he asked if I wanted to work beside him on set as an assistant and off set as associate producer, this offer startled me at first but I quickly found myself in my element and knew this was a career I wanted to explore.


During this process, I continued my freelance work while building my professional network. It wasn't long before I decided to take the step of moving over to focus primarily on production based roles.


— Nicole Pott, Director/Producer

"Josie is one of a kind. She is a calm, professional and lighthearted 1st assistant director, of whom I have had the pleasure to work with across several films, including features. She knows how to control a set and creates great relationships between all her crew, making her someone that really gets things done on time. I’d highly recommend her for any projects!"

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If there's a project you'd like to talk about, please get in touch and i'll reply as soon as I can!

Thanks for submitting!


When it comes to managing teams and/or an individual, building a good relationship respecting and understanding each members role is essential. I do not see myself as an authoritative figure who is there to simply tell people what they should be doing when managing, I see myself as part of the team, the guide which supports each member to help bring things to fruition.

Without each team/crew member, we won't be able to create what we've been asked to create. 


To generate any successful project/production/event, having a high degree of organisation is key. 

Whatever the idea, I (along with others, when/if necessary) will be able to organise and schedule the details of your idea and turn it into a successful plan for the day(s).

Scheduling software(s) I use/Can use:

  • Movie Magic Scheduling 6

  • Studio Binder

  • Microsoft Excel



Creating a production/project can be extremely stressful. Yes, my goal is to make everything run as smoothly as possible, but things can go wrong or you may want things to change.

If this occurs, I am well equipped to try my best to solve the problem.

Alternatively, If you have suddenly found yourself overloaded with the amount of work, or need to move things around, we will talk and I'll make sure to support and solve it.